Halfbreed Clothing Co. the premier multiracial clothing line, launches the Halfbreed Comedy Tour on August 28, 2011 at the San Jose Improv headlined by multiracial comedian Ricky Del Rosario.  Halfbreed Comedy Tour represent no color lines with comedy for all people presented by mixed-race/biracial comedians all over the U.S..  Halfbreed Clothing Co. is the promoter and sponsor of the Halfbreed Comedy Tour which is planning events in highly diverse cities across the U.S. including San Francisco, New York, Los Angeles, Miami, Chicago, Atlanta and more.  We hope to attract other top multiracial comedians as we grow the momentum of the tour with hopes of a network special.

The Halfbreed Comedy Tour will bring a fresh comedic look into the fast growing World of multi-ethnic people including the racial issues, raising biracial kids, multicultural relationships, growing up mixed, identity and families in a hilariously funny way.  Official Halfbreed Clothing will be sold at the event, for men, women and Children, so come out and experience the movement.

About Rick Del Rosario:

Ricky Del Rosario brings physical comedy to every stage he stands on. Once voted by HBO as one of the top ten up and coming urban comedians in the United States. Ricky has traveled the country bringing unique humor and in-depth charcters to thousands of comedy fans. Having performed on several seasons of Comic View and the very first HBO Laffapoluza, Ricky  has worked with comedians such as Andrew Dice Clay, Carlos Mencia, Joe Rogan, Lewis Black, Katt Williams, Mike Epps, Luenelle, Nick Cannon and many more. He also spent time as an on-air personality for one of the countries largest radio stations, producing comedy skits for their morning show. Ricky just performed for the 2011 NBA ALL Star weekend party for Matt Barnes of the Lakers. After traveling on the road for several years, Ricky became tired of the comic's life, and took a ten year break from the comedy scene. Recently returning in May of 2009, he has enjoyed performing on stage, using his new experiences to bring the audience all-new dynamic and hilarious material.

About Halfbreed Clothing Co.:

Halfbreed Clothing Co. is the premier clothing line for all people of two or more races, even those that look "white" but freely represent themselves as their many nationality not generalized as a color.  We represent inter-racial relationship, biracial and multiracial people from newborns to the elders in a fashion statement that instills pride within our individualism.  As the fastest growing demo amongst youths in the U.S. according to the U.S. Census, see that we are not alone and we can talk about it we can "RepYoSelf".  Founded by Rudy T. the Halfbreed, we work off the concept of "I AM, MY BRAND", as I don't have to sell the idea of Halfbreed or multiracial people, it's either you are mixed, support mixed races and no color lines, so....RepYoSelf!