Is the World Ready for a Mixed Race / Multi-Ethnic Clothing Line?

Halfbreed Clothing Co. RepYoSelf

San Francisco CA.

It's no secret that the mixed race population is exploding! So I ask the question: Is the world ready for a mixed race / multi-ethnic lifestyle clothing brand?  Thousands of Halfbreed Clothing Co. fans and celebrities seem to think so.

Halfbreed Clothing Company founder Rudy Tee started his clothing line about a year ago, with a clear, positive message of pride, unity, the spirit of "One Love" and "RepYoSelf" (the multicultural movement).  Over the past year, Halfbreed Clothing has attracted the interest of thousands of Facebook and Twitter fans from all over the world, of people that are proud to be mixed.  Even people that consider themselves not mixed are also supporting the line as they maybe a supporter of diversity, in a interracial relationship or just love what it represents.  "Halfbreed Clothing is all about feeling good about yourself" Rudy says " we are all about raising awareness and building a sense of identity by changing the meaning of a historically negative term".  There are millions of us that had it rough growing up as we get racism from all sides, even within family.

The clothing line started with Rudy; who is mixed with Filipino/African American/Cherokee and adopted the nickname "Halfbreed" while in school.  "At the time, I felt like I was the only mixed race person in school, fitting in was an issue, so I got used to doing my own thing, my own way," Rudy explains. Hip Hop was underground and was growing into an extremely diverse sub-culture which was widely accepting of people that could rap, break, pop or strut.  He was pretty good at those things and they use to say "let the Halfbreed get them".  So when his kids began to have similar issues in school, Rudy took it to the next level.  He created a shirt for the family labeled 'Halfbreed'. "Next thing I know people started to approach me with "Where did you get that? and I'm mixed, can you make me one" Rudy says.  He did and quickly recognized the business opportunity.

Mixed race and multi-ethnic people are the fastest growing demographic among youths reported by the 2010 U.S. Census.  The U.S. Census Bureau recently released new statistics on mixed-race families based on the 2010 survey, prompting several news articles about the rise in interracial families. First came a piece from USA Today reporting that interracial marriages in the country is at an all-time high, with one in ten married couples have partners of different races. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, nationwide, mixed-race marriages have increased by 28% in the past decade. Western states, such as California (12.8%), Nevada (13.3%), Washington (10.9%) lead the way. Surprisingly, the highest rate of interracial marriage is in Oklahoma, where 17.2% of unions are to a spouse of a different race.

In May 2012, after years of speculation, estimates and projections, the Census Bureau made it official: White births are no longer a majority in the United States.

Non-Hispanic whites accounted for 49.6 percent of all births in the 12-month period that ended in July 2011. Minorities — including Hispanics, blacks, Asians and those of mixed race — reached 50.4 percent, representing a majority for the first time in the country’s history.

So yes, it seems the the World is ready for a clothing line that allows them to represent who they are and what they are about.  Halfbreed Clothing is seeing great success with this rapidly expanding market.


Recently Halfbreed Clothing Co. was invited to present at the George Lopez Celebrity Golf Tournament to help raise money for the George Lopez Foundation.  Rudy had the opportunity to network with lots of celebrities that gave support for the brand including: George Lopez, Sugar Ray Leonard, Anthony Anderson, Bryan Fisher, Columbus Short, Chris "Choze" Jaeger and power couple Dondre and Sallie Richardson Whitfield.  "It was great to get such a positive response from celebrities that are mixed race/multiracial and get the support from ones that are not mixed but understand the movement" Rudy says,  "George Lopez was one of the most interesting celebrities and supporters as he represents Hispanics in the same proud fashion."

Rudy also produces the "Halfbreed Comedy Tour" with comedians that support diversity and mixed culture.  Comedian like Ricky Del Rosario, G King, Kirk McHenry, Alex Barnett, Kevin Williams, Shawn Dizzle and more which were seen on BET Comic View, HBO, Fox and Comedy Central.  With sold out shows in NYC, San Jose, L.A. and Santa Rosa to name a few.

Halfbreed Clothing Co. is on the right track to go worldwide with a line that is a touch point for so many people.  Rudy say his eyes are on Australia and Europe next.

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